Website Development Internship #1

May 18

It has been two days since I set up my work studio and started to build the website (  Yesterday, Karmen, my mentor, and I decided the website frame based on 7 sections: 1) home page;  2) about the school;  3) academics;  4) students life; 5) admissions; 6) more info (contact us and school calendar); and 7) the link to the school’s original English website (  I finished the most important part of building the website. With the rest of time. I just need to follow the directions to design it.

The homepage of the website.

The notes we took of the 7 sections.

My work studio.

Nathan Li

Website Development Internship Description

My Spring Street International School (SSIS) internship will be designing and building a school official website in Chinese ( with my mentor, Karmen Mallow.  Karmen is the Development Coordinator at SSIS, and one of her jobs in the school is running the website.

Spring Street International School ( is a non-profit school located on San Juan Island with special international students programs, which is why, as a native of China, I am attending the school.   Some students and their parents who are from China do not know much English, and it is hard to understand the English website.  Therefore, I will build a Chinese website to help Chinese students and their parents know more about the school better before they come.

I am the person who is really interested in science and technology.  I have some coding and design experience, and the internship provides the time to learn how to build a website and gives me the opportunity to improve my coding and designing skills.  It gives me time to prepare and gather all the resources I need.

In my personal opinion, information technology is that one of most important skills people need to grasp in the future.  I hope that I can learn more skills than I already have and enjoy the opportunity of coding that school gives me.

Nathan Li