Architectural Design and Carpentry Internship Post #12

Through this internship, I learned much about the different tools carpenters: table saws; planers; drills; various sanders. In building the Adirondack chairs with Fred, I learned how to use all of these tools.  When I was working with David, I learned more about the computer design process of building using SketchUp’s features, a computer program I was familiar with from my Pre-Calculus class.  Among other things, David taught me about dimensions of doors, guardrails, and stairs. Also, he told me that every house should have a walkway. Therefore, Fred helped me deepen my understanding of woodworking and the use of machinery, and David taught me the history of many houses and the rules for designing homes. I think this internship is distinctive experience in my life.  These are skills I never would have learned in China.

Thank you David and Fred.

River Ye

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Architectural Design Carpentry Internship

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