Website Development Internship Reflection

June 11

The Website design at SSIS was my first completely independent experience on the Website design.  After the Website Development Internship at SSIS, I have not only learned  the programming skills, which was my main purpose of the entire internship, I have learned how important a strong and reliable internet connection is for IT.  The poor and unstable internet connection I worked with resulted in several losses when I was designing the site.  I am pleased the school was able to give me the opportunity to learn how to design the website.  As IT and the internet are part humanity’s future, I feel my internship of Website Development has been the first step toward my future.

Nathan Li

Website Development Internship Final Post

June 8

Today is the last of the internship, and I have completed the website on time.  Yesterday was the day for uploading the photos, but the internet was slow again.   Fortunately, I uploaded the photos and completed the website. After double checking, I published the website by the end of the day.

The “Home Page:”

I changed the Notification bar from “Building the Website” to “Welcome to SSIS Chinese Website:”


the “Dorm Page.”

I didn’t turn my computer off for 16 days!

Nathan Li

Website Development Internship Post #5

June 5

Today, I finally finish the design work and translation of the entire website.  The last page I completed was the “Dorm.”  In my opinion, the “Dorm” page is one of the most important sections on the website for the International Students, so I will double check it and make sure all the information is correct and clear.  I only have 3 days left of my internship, so my plan for the rest of the day is finding the editing errors and post the school photos I have on the website.

The photos I have now:

The website location for the photos:

Nathan Li

Website Development Internship Post #4

May 31

I have been working on the “Academic/Teachers” page and the “News and Events” page.  For the “Teachers” page, the Website Designer Godaddy requires high-resolution photos for the website, but the photos I have are all the low-resolution, so I had to increase the resolution to fit the website.  What I did was put the photos in Power Point, then I took a screenshot of it, and repeat 22 times.

The screenshot process

The 22 photos

The new teachers Page

Nathan Li

Website Development Internship Post #3

May 25

Today is the midpoint of the internship, and I have completed the “Home Page,” the entire “About Us” section, part of “Academics,” and part of “Admissions.”  The translation from English to Chinese took a long time to process the data.  The way I am designing the website is based on the data on the original English website and making format innovations on the new website.

Compare pictures below:

Comparison between the “Contact Us” page

Comparison between the “Class Settings” and “Class Descriptions”

Comparison between the classes of middle school and high school

Comparison between the “Admissions” page

Comparison between “About Us” page

Comparison between the school “Mission” and “Philosophy”

Nathan Li

Website Development Internship Post #2

May 22

Today, the internet was terrible, and  I could not connect the website designer GoDaddy’s server.  I made some changes to the website, but it didn’t save and disappeared.  It was a big loss for me, and affect my works a lot. Because I was designing the “About Page” and there was no automatically backup in the designer.

learning: After the network crash, I have learned save and backup what I have done in every ten minutes to avoid data loss.

no internet connection

poor internet speeds

Website Development Internship Post #1

May 18

It has been two days since I set up my work studio and started to build the website (  Yesterday, Karmen, my mentor, and I decided the website frame based on 7 sections: 1) home page;  2) about the school;  3) academics;  4) students life; 5) admissions; 6) more info (contact us and school calendar); and 7) the link to the school’s original English website (  I finished the most important part of building the website. With the rest of time. I just need to follow the directions to design it.

The homepage of the website.

The notes we took of the 7 sections.

My work studio.

Nathan Li

Website Development Internship Description

My Spring Street International School (SSIS) internship will be designing and building a school official website in Chinese ( with my mentor, Karmen Mallow.  Karmen is the Development Coordinator at SSIS, and one of her jobs in the school is running the website.

Spring Street International School ( is a non-profit school located on San Juan Island with special international students programs, which is why, as a native of China, I am attending the school.   Some students and their parents who are from China do not know much English, and it is hard to understand the English website.  Therefore, I will build a Chinese website to help Chinese students and their parents know more about the school better before they come.

I am the person who is really interested in science and technology.  I have some coding and design experience, and the internship provides the time to learn how to build a website and gives me the opportunity to improve my coding and designing skills.  It gives me time to prepare and gather all the resources I need.

In my personal opinion, information technology is that one of most important skills people need to grasp in the future.  I hope that I can learn more skills than I already have and enjoy the opportunity of coding that school gives me.

Nathan Li