Elementary School Internship Day 9, and 10

May 30

Today the students had a reading test in the morning.  Afterword, we continued on the animal report because this Friday they need to do the animal report to their parents. So, in the afternoon, we practiced the speech with the first graders, and the kids in the class were very scared, but they did a awesome job.   In the afternoon I helped the students with cutting paper and removing stables, and I need to be very patient because I had to remove hundreds of staples.  I helped more kids put the string one their masks.

May 31

Today is the last day for us to practiced the animal report, and in the morning they had a math test on computers for 1 hour.   I helped organize the mouses and putting the copies into different binders.  Again, I needed a lot of patience.

Zoe Zhou


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Elementary School Internship

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