Architectural Design and Carpentry Internship Post #12

Through this internship, I learned much about the different tools carpenters: table saws; planers; drills; various sanders. In building the Adirondack chairs with Fred, I learned how to use all of these tools.  When I was working with David, I learned more about the computer design process of building using SketchUp’s features, a computer program I was familiar with from my Pre-Calculus class.  Among other things, David taught me about dimensions of doors, guardrails, and stairs. Also, he told me that every house should have a walkway. Therefore, Fred helped me deepen my understanding of woodworking and the use of machinery, and David taught me the history of many houses and the rules for designing homes. I think this internship is distinctive experience in my life.  These are skills I never would have learned in China.

Thank you David and Fred.

River Ye

Elementary School Internship Day 15 and 16.

June 7

Today we had a camp day again, and we did some “grand conversations” and continued to write the letters.  In the afternoon, I helped the teacher make some copies and some book marks.

  Camp day.

  Receiving mail.

  Campfire stories.

June 8

Today is my last day as a teacher’s assistant.  I made S’mores for the kids, and they were very happy about it.  They asked me some questions about China, and we had a “grand conversation” about China.  They wrote me many letters, and I received gifts from the teacher.   Today is one of the student’s birthday, and her mother made some cupcakes!  In the afternoon the students had some free time and designed their own art projects. They have been so nice to me that I want to stay longer.

  The S’mores.

  Eating the S’mores.

  Birthday cupcakes.

  Art projects.

  Art projects.

  Art projects.

  Reading stories.

  Answering questions about China.

  Letters from “my” students.

Zoe Zhou

Elementary School Internship Day 13 and 14.

June 5

Today we continued doing the camp, and we did some reading.  Later in the day, we wrote letters to the our friends and to the teacher.  We took the picture for the “screaming faces” to place on their final year evaluations.

  Reading by the camp fire.


  “Screaming faces.”

June 6

Today is still a camping day.  We did some camping maths games in the morning, and in the afternoon we continued to write the letters.  We had a mailbox to receive the letters.  When the students received their mail, they were very happy about it.  Also we went to a special event.  The fifth graders made some science projects, and we went there and asked some questions.  Very cool.

  Science projects.

  Science projects.


  Science projects.

Zoe Zhou

Elementary School Internship Day 11 and 12.

June 3

Today we started our camp trip, and kids really liked it. We wrote letters to each other, and we had a “grand talk.”   The kids start a conversation just like an adult. They wait until other people finish. I helped the teacher put the summer gifts for the students in a small bag.   Also, we had an all school meeting to thank this years’ volunteers.

 In class camping trip.

 Sitting by the camp fire.

 A two-person tent.

  A single person tent.

 Volunteer thanking meeting.

June 4

Today we did some of the camp reading and had another “grand talk.”   The students had a grand conversation, and we did some math games called “camp bump.”

  Playing “camp bump.”

A “grand conversation” about bee stings and sunburns.

Zoe Zhou

Elementary School Internship Day 9, and 10

May 30

Today the students had a reading test in the morning.  Afterword, we continued on the animal report because this Friday they need to do the animal report to their parents. So, in the afternoon, we practiced the speech with the first graders, and the kids in the class were very scared, but they did a awesome job.   In the afternoon I helped the students with cutting paper and removing stables, and I need to be very patient because I had to remove hundreds of staples.  I helped more kids put the string one their masks.

May 31

Today is the last day for us to practiced the animal report, and in the morning they had a math test on computers for 1 hour.   I helped organize the mouses and putting the copies into different binders.  Again, I needed a lot of patience.

Zoe Zhou


Elementary School Internship Day 6, 7 and 8.

May 24

Today, a half day, we took the field trip to the Whale Museum, and we learned a lot about the whale spices around San Juan Islands.

May 29

Today we practiced the animal report in the morning, and each of students needed to remember at least five facts about the animals.  Then we did some DIY bees for the thank you board.  The students like to do finger netting while they are listening the story.  Also, they made a big Thank You card to all of the volunteers.

Zoe Zhou

Website Development Internship Reflection

June 11

The Website design at SSIS was my first completely independent experience on the Website design.  After the Website Development Internship at SSIS, I have not only learned  the programming skills, which was my main purpose of the entire internship, I have learned how important a strong and reliable internet connection is for IT.  The poor and unstable internet connection I worked with resulted in several losses when I was designing the site.  I am pleased the school was able to give me the opportunity to learn how to design the website.  As IT and the internet are part humanity’s future, I feel my internship of Website Development has been the first step toward my future.

Nathan Li

Website Development Internship Final Post

June 8

Today is the last of the internship, and I have completed the website on time.  Yesterday was the day for uploading the photos, but the internet was slow again.   Fortunately, I uploaded the photos and completed the website. After double checking, I published the website by the end of the day.

The “Home Page:”

I changed the Notification bar from “Building the Website” to “Welcome to SSIS Chinese Website:”


the “Dorm Page.”

I didn’t turn my computer off for 16 days!

Nathan Li

Website Development Internship Post #5

June 5

Today, I finally finish the design work and translation of the entire website.  The last page I completed was the “Dorm.”  In my opinion, the “Dorm” page is one of the most important sections on the website for the International Students, so I will double check it and make sure all the information is correct and clear.  I only have 3 days left of my internship, so my plan for the rest of the day is finding the editing errors and post the school photos I have on the website.

The photos I have now:

The website location for the photos:

Nathan Li

Art Internship Post #6

Today my mentor Paul demonstrated a color rough and the use of Prismacolor pencils.

the color palette

Paul’s demonstration of color rough (bottom drawing) and my color rough.
My assignments are: go over the line on the trace down with color pencils with the right colors; lay down paint according to color rough until the illustration is completely covered.