Elementary School Internship Day 11 and 12.

June 3

Today we started our camp trip, and kids really liked it. We wrote letters to each other, and we had a “grand talk.”   The kids start a conversation just like an adult. They wait until other people finish. I helped the teacher put the summer gifts for the students in a small bag.   Also, we had an all school meeting to thank this years’ volunteers.

 In class camping trip.

 Sitting by the camp fire.

 A two-person tent.

  A single person tent.

 Volunteer thanking meeting.

June 4

Today we did some of the camp reading and had another “grand talk.”   The students had a grand conversation, and we did some math games called “camp bump.”

  Playing “camp bump.”

A “grand conversation” about bee stings and sunburns.

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Elementary School Internship

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