Elementary School Internship Day 13 and 14.

June 5

Today we continued doing the camp, and we did some reading.  Later in the day, we wrote letters to the our friends and to the teacher.  We took the picture for the “screaming faces” to place on their final year evaluations.

  Reading by the camp fire.


  “Screaming faces.”

June 6

Today is still a camping day.  We did some camping maths games in the morning, and in the afternoon we continued to write the letters.  We had a mailbox to receive the letters.  When the students received their mail, they were very happy about it.  Also we went to a special event.  The fifth graders made some science projects, and we went there and asked some questions.  Very cool.

  Science projects.

  Science projects.


  Science projects.

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Elementary School Internship

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