Art Internship Post #1

Last week I sent to my mentor, Paul Chadwick, three artists I like and told him why I like them. Paul wanted me to watch an interview of James Jean, who is my favorite artist, and answer his questions about what I have learned from that. Here is what I learned from the video:

1.  practice daily to make your body mechanical to your emotion (I think he means to learn how to always express your emotions with lots of practice.);
2.  always make the work that I am interested in rather than fulfill other people’s expectations.
He also required me to send him four or five images that I particularly like, and below is one of those images:


For James Jean, I appreciate the bizarreness in his artworks, which is the style I want to approach the most. In this image there is some skillful balance of the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue.  I like the contrast of dark and light from the relatively dark area of this image (the girl, wolves, and wings) to the bright light yellow background. For some of his works, you can’t tell what he means by drawing some specific things. I suppose there is some unconscious factors going on in his works. Personally, when I am doing my artworks, I will not think too much about why I want to draw this instead if that. The ideas just come up, and I prefer to analysis them by myself after I finish my pieces. Thus, I tend to interpret James’s work in the same way.

Yutong Du

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