Architectural Design and Carpentry Internship

David Waldron and Fred Yonkers will be my mentors for my Spring Street International School Internship.  

David attended Willamette University and the University of Washington. He started work as an architect in 1968, and he worked in Seattle until 1978.  In 1979, David started working as a self-employed architect and received his architectural registration in 1980.

Fred , in 1970, he enrolled in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey “Clown College” and spent six years touring with the RBB&B show and smaller circuses.  He came to Spring Street International School after 19 years of teaching and drama coaching at Friday Harbor Middle and High School.  A jack of all trades, Fred is also a carpenter.  I will be helping Fred build a number of Adirondack chairs for the Spring Street campus.

My internship is about building design and carpentry.  I will learn the design process with David and build chairs for SISS with Fred.  I want to do the internship for of three reasons: first, I want to design my own house or my own room in the future; second, I want to learn about my father’s job as he works in building design and construction; lastly, I like to use my hands to build models and other thing because that can make me feel happy. 

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Architectural Design Carpentry Internship

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