Art Internship Description

My mentor, Paul Chadwick, is a comic book creator who currently lives on San Juan Island. He is best-known for his series Concrete. He graduated from the Art Center College of Design in 1979, majoring in illustration. He started his career creating storyboards for Disney, Warner Brothers, Lucasfilm, and other film studios.

I want to work with him because of his strong expertise in illustration, which will benefit me for my art career in terms of illustration.

I will meet Paul at least three days each week. During this time, I’m going to finish one or more artworks with suggestions from him. Additionally, I will be working on my own in the Spring Street International School Studio.  Paul asked me to tell him three artists I like, so we can discover which kind of style I want to approach.

I hope to learn from my internship: art skill development, for example, perspective, which refers to a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface; concepts related to art creation; and some tips about what I can do while I am gathering the ideas for art creation.

For further information about my mentor, see the link below:

Yutong Du

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