Art Internship Description

My mentor, Paul Chadwick, is a comic book creator who currently lives on San Juan Island. He is best-known for his series Concrete. He graduated from the Art Center College of Design in 1979, majoring in illustration. He started his career creating storyboards for Disney, Warner Brothers, Lucasfilm, and other film studios.

I want to work with him because of his strong expertise in illustration, which will benefit me for my art career in terms of illustration.

I will meet Paul at least three days each week. During this time, I’m going to finish one or more artworks with suggestions from him. Additionally, I will be working on my own in the Spring Street International School Studio.  Paul asked me to tell him three artists I like, so we can discover which kind of style I want to approach.

I hope to learn from my internship: art skill development, for example, perspective, which refers to a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface; concepts related to art creation; and some tips about what I can do while I am gathering the ideas for art creation.

For further information about my mentor, see the link below:

Yutong Du

Haiti Construction Internship Planning

I have recently been talking to Rosedanie (my internship mentor) on the phone about Haiti logistics. I am starting to write out a list of the tools I will need to bring down with me and what tools she already has. Some people have donated a few items, such as iPads and a rototiller, that I will bring with me. I am a bit worried I will have too much stuff to travel with, but we will see. When I will be in Haiti, it will be twords the end of the rainy season, so I have to plan for either rain or sun.  All and all I am getting very excited to go on this journey!

Henry Miller

Haiti Construction Internship Description

For my internship I am going to Haiti to help build schools, houses, and work at an orphanage. I will fly down there with my tools and meet Rosedannie Cadet, who lives part time on Orcas and is a family friend. She has an organization in Haiti where she is originally from. Her non-profit organization is called “Helping Hands Noramise” and was established in 2009 and is centered in Limbe (Rosedanie’s home town). Rosedanie left Haiti when she was a child and went to school and college in the United States. Nine years ago she returned to Haiti and was devastated by the economic state of the country and made it her mission to help. Rosedanie enables people like myself come to Haiti and help in the orphanage and with other things related to her organization. If you want to support this organization, here is a link:

I potentially will work on building an outdoor classroom and do some maintenance on their orphanage. I hope to help as much as possible and be as productive as I can. I have been working in the trades for the last few years and have cultivated a decent understanding and knowledge of building. I hope to educate other kids about building, so, when they grow older, they can have some knowledge for a possible career.

I am nervous about traveling so far on my own and living with people I do not know very well. The reason I am doing this is because I feel that I have been fortunate enough to have learned alot about building, and I want to use this knowledge for good by giving back to people in need. I also hope to learn more about a part of the world I have never been to and experience the culture there.

Henry Miller


Rosedanie Cadet

Helping Hands Noramise

The orphanage: