Art Internship Post #5

June 1

Today I completed my tonal drawing of my illustration. My mentor Paul and I enlarged the liquid drop and put a horizontal line in the view. Then we started tracing on the illustration broad.

We also ran over drawing hands.

My assignments are: finish tracing on graphic paper and draw my own hand in different gestures five times.

my final project in process
tonal drawing of my final project
practicing hands
Yutong Du

Architectural Design and Carpentry Internship Post #11

May 31

Afternoon – I assembled three chair bases.

June 4

I built arm supports and back supports and sanded them. Also, I assembled other chair bases

June 5

I painted teak oil on all the chair backs. Then, I tried to assemble a chair, but we found some problems with our angles. Therefore, we didn’t assemble the chairs. Then, I ran some wood, back support, through the planer to correct or mistakes.


June 6 and 7

I cut all the chair supports because we found some more problems, and then I assembled all the chair supports on chairs with a drill.  I almost finished all the work, but I haven’t put my chair backs yet.

June 8

I finished all the work.

River Ye

Art Internship Post #3

May 25

Today, Paul and I went over my assignment of thumbnail sketches, which were all vertical, and then we came up five more horizontal sketches.

We chose the horizontal thumbnail sketch that contains the room of perspective and the landscape. Then we duplicated it to the tracing paper to increase the size from 10 inches to 20 inches.

I learned the technique of adding several layers of tracing paper in one piece to finish a working sketch of illustration.

Then I learned some detail structures of architecture and some tips about measuring the vanishing point of things on the different angle.

We also learned some knowledge about human figure in illustration.

Lastly, I got two new assignments. One of them is to finish the third layer of tracing paper, observe and learn how to draw the tree, the bushes, and the clouds. Another assignment is to sketch 20 figures based on Mucha’s works.

thumbnail sketches
more sketches
two layers of my illustration draft in tracing paper

Art Internship Post #4

May 30

Today we looked the structure of trees and how the and roots go through the earth, how the branches show through the leaves, and how to simplify the leaves into globes. When the light is from one direction, you can use the shadow side of globes to describe the volume. Shadows of the leaves are cast on the branches. Consider the old trees. Their branches are twisted; none of their branches are straight.

We also learned to draw highlights on hair, just choosing 1 or 2 places to draw the main highlights rather than draw them all over.

Then we described a formula for drawing and painting clear liquid: the drop is the darkest close to the light; there is a reflective highlight away from the light source; and, because of the lens effect, there is a reverse gradation in the cast shadow.

We had a lesson about how to draw the ear, and we did a watercolor study for my illustration and started working on my final working drawing.

  tree roots, branches, and leaves
water color tonal study, clear water drop, hair highlight, and ears

Art Internship Post #2

May 23

My mentor Paul and I went over my tonal study of Mucha, which was my first assignment. The key concept of the assignment was to make the center of the drawing contrast in black and white tone in order to drawn the viewers attention.

example of contrast in black and white tone
examples of contrast in black and white tone


I also learned that I should always sign and date my work and put my contact information in my sketchbook.  We did perspective practice and the concept of eye level.  Then we learned how to use measuring point in perspective, replicate the squares on the floor and series of arches back into space.

Additionally, we went over the illustration process, starting with thumbnail sketches and presentation sketches.  Last, we spent time appreciating Mucha’s Save pic.
In the end, I got an assignment make an illustration based on a New York Times Magazine article about a medical mystery.
Yutong Du

Website Development Internship Post #4

May 31

I have been working on the “Academic/Teachers” page and the “News and Events” page.  For the “Teachers” page, the Website Designer Godaddy requires high-resolution photos for the website, but the photos I have are all the low-resolution, so I had to increase the resolution to fit the website.  What I did was put the photos in Power Point, then I took a screenshot of it, and repeat 22 times.

The screenshot process

The 22 photos

The new teachers Page

Nathan Li

Website Development Internship Post #3

May 25

Today is the midpoint of the internship, and I have completed the “Home Page,” the entire “About Us” section, part of “Academics,” and part of “Admissions.”  The translation from English to Chinese took a long time to process the data.  The way I am designing the website is based on the data on the original English website and making format innovations on the new website.

Compare pictures below:

Comparison between the “Contact Us” page

Comparison between the “Class Settings” and “Class Descriptions”

Comparison between the classes of middle school and high school

Comparison between the “Admissions” page

Comparison between “About Us” page

Comparison between the school “Mission” and “Philosophy”

Nathan Li

Architectural Design and Carpentry Internship Post #9

May 29

My mentor David looked over my internship project, and he showed me how a designer should draw buildings for customers.  Also, he taught me how to draw stairs railing and step with SketchUp.

I also worked with my mentor Fred and cut chairs slat braces made from 1×4 treated wood with a jigsaw and glued some of them with bases.

River Ye